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We offer cutting-edge, optimized biofoiles based on gelatin and other hydrocolloids (e.g. agar-agar).
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Leaf Gelatine

Based on Gelinova’s worldwide leading technology based on an extrusion process, tailor made leaf gelatine is being produced for our customers according to their specifications. Because of this modern process, the raw gelatin is not being degraded as in the classical process- es, and – most important – the bacteriological qualities are excellent. The system is a closed system and there- fore the gelatine solution is not exposed to the potential contamination of the environment (dust, bacteria).

Agar-Agar Leafs

Our technique is universal (not specialized to leaf gela- tine only), and thus will be able to develop and produce a variety of new products. So, e.g., we can imprint marks according to customer wish unto the foil. Respecting vegetarians being concerned about gelatine as an ani- mal protein, we have developed leaf gelatine on basis of agar-agar. We therefore can offer a strictly vegetarian al- ternative to the classical leaf gelatine. Halal and Kosher are available as well.

Biopolymer Foils for Packaging

The process is described in Pat.No. EP 0633902B1. In Europe annually ca. 30 Mio tons of synthetic polymers are accumulating as waste. The waste unfortunately is not biodegradable. Gelatine foils will mean a partial replacement and are perfectly biodegradable. By cross- linking the gelatine molecules through suitable compo- nents, even less sensitivity of the modified gelatine foils towards humidity can be established. An interesting future of such materials is to be expected in view of the ongoing discussion about environmental contamination by synthetic polymers.

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